Friday, December 15, 2017

Moving out of 2017

Yep! The year is almost over. I have worked really hard to get all the scripts cleaned up, particularly after the fact that the web hosting service that I had been using for the past 10 years kept crashing and destroying everything. Two rebuilds was more than enough to convince me that it was time to move to a new service. Now that I have adapted to the new set up, I'm glad to have made the change.

I have done my best to get all the calendars for 2018 set up in the background and ready for transition on the first of the year. We have a Facebook page now that you can follow and post at if issues come up. Another change this past year is that we added SSL to the website. Even though you will never be asked for any identifying information, our pages that do ask for a little information should now be safer from hackers trying to obtain any information.

So it looks like we are ready for another year of astrological information!

Be well,

J McCaul