Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moon Phase Widget

Photo of MoonPhaseWidget
 Gawd! I must really LOVE the moon! The highlight of last week for me was putting together a moon phase widget for Moon Tracks. I added in the void of course information - when the moon is VoC, it will show up under the moon phase plus I added in the degree and sign of the moon. This is information that doesn't show up on most Moon Phase widgets PLUS it is not a javascript or java applet so it won't Hide from people when they visit the site when they have "scripts" turned off in their browser. I'm pretty proud of myself right now. But, now, it's back to work on things that bring me income. Thank you New Moon. You were Wonderful :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Site Update - Void of Course Moon Dates

Oy is me in the updates department.  Sometimes, I fall behind faster than I can catch up. But, just to let you all know, there is a new Void of Course Dates Table that is time adjustable for different time zones around the world. The table shows the current and the next month of Lunar Void of Course information. The Moon's transit, being fairly quick through all the signs, tends to have approximately 13 Void of Course periods each month. Some are mere minutes long, while others can last a day or two. Go to the Moon Tracks website to read all about the Void of Course Moon.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 starts with the Solar Eclipse

Important Astrological Dates - 2011
  • Solar Eclipse (Partial Saros 151) - January 4
  • Jupiter into Aries - January 22
  • Chiron into Pisces - February 8
  • North Node in Sagittarius - March 3
  • Mercury Rx Aries - March 30/April 23
  • Uranus into Aries - March 11
  • Neptune into Pisces - April 4
  • Solar Eclipse (Partial Saros 118) - June 1
  • Jupiter into Taurus - June 6
  • Lunar Eclipse (Total Saros 130) - June 15
  • Solar Eclipse (Partial Saros 156) - July 1
  • Mercury Rx Virgo - August 2/August 26
  • Neptune (Rx) into Aquarius - August 4 
  • Mercury Rx Sagittarius - November 24/December 13
  • Solar Eclipse (Partial Saros 123) - November 25
  • Lunar Eclipse (Total Saros 135) - December 10
 Keep track of all the events with Moon Track's calendars - updated monthly - for all your Moon Phase to Planetary Ingress information.