Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moving into 2017

The New Year and the Chinese New Year have arrived with gusto. In February, there will be a couple of heavy hitting Eclipses. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo will occur February 11.  On February 26, the Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces will occur. 

One note is that our website is experiencing ongoing technical issues as spam bots are hitting the site hard and eating up bandwidth.  We can't afford to continue to purchase more and more bandwidth since most real people who visit our site block the ads. At the end of each month, our guests may end up hitting the Over the Bandwidth Limit alert. Our apologies.  While the Moon Tracks Gang loves to make the information freely available to everyone, with the use of the ads, we don't make enough money off of these ads to afford unlimited bandwidth.  We have blocked as many of the major IPs that are bringing in these spam bots, but there's a limit to our ability to get them all without slowing down the site for the general use by others. 

Be well and take care.

February 26 2017 Solar Eclipse