Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Moon's Rule Over the Home

Now that the Sun is in Cancer, I think it's an excellent time to discuss Mooning around the House activities. Finding the best dates for activities around the home just got easier with this guide. You can use this guide along with the Daily Activities chart at Moon Tracks Calendars.

If building a house, leveling the ground for the foundation should be started when the Moon transits Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius the first week after the New Moon. Positive aspects from the Moon to Saturn add to the stability of the foundation.

The best days to start framing a building is when the Moon transits Aquarius and is enhanced when there are positive aspects to Jupiter.

For electrical and gas installations (or installing appliances) the Moon should be transiting Aries, Leo or Sagittarius and there should be no harsh aspects (or conjunctions) to Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune.

Plumbing is best initiated while the Moon transits Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces and there should be no difficult aspects to the Moon, Neptune or Pluto.

Installing interior doors, cupboards and closets are best when initiated while the Moon transits Libra.

Roofing or reroofing a home is best when initiated after the Full Moon, particularly when the Moon is in Aries or Aquarius. Try to avoid any roofing activity within 24 hours of and during the New Moon.

Painting of the house is best avoided during the New Moon period. During cold temperatures, try to paint when the Moon is transiting in Leo. If painting during the hot temperatures, try to initiate the activity when the Moon is transiting in Taurus. The waxing moon periods are better than waning for paint applications.

The best dates to initiate home renovations or repairs around the home are after the New Moon and before the Full Moon when the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Try to avoid dates when the Moon is forming difficult aspects to Mars or Saturn. Also avoid any planetary harsh aspects or conjunctions to the ruling planet of a particular area of the home, i.e. dining room, living room, hallways, front porch, front door and foyer are ruled by the Sun (Leo). The basement, cellar, plumbing, bathrooms and laundry rooms are ruled by the Moon (Cancer). Library, study room, family room, art gallery, rooms for servants or employees, barns and sheds for hand tools are ruled by Mercury (Gemini & Virgo). Bedrooms, social rooms and rooms mostly occupied by women are ruled by Venus (Taurus). The kitchen, fireplaces, furnaces and wood stoves are ruled by Mars (Aries). Mars & Pluto (Scorpio) rules over toilets and waste products. Jupiter (Sagittarius) rules over mostly storage areas, i.e. garage, wood sheds, cupboards, pantries, etc. Rarely used and confined areas of the home, crawl spaces, and attics are ruled over by Saturn (Capricorn). Improvements to rooms dedicated to electronics should be initiated while Uranus (Aquarius) is well aspected. Venus (Libra) also rules over back doors, back yards, decks and enclosed areas on the outside of the main structure such as solariums, green houses or enclosed patios.

Changing a room's furniture or decorating is best when the Moon is in the air signs and while the Moon is making positive aspects to Mars or Saturn. When purchasing new furniture, buy the items on a Saturday whenever possible while there are positive aspects to Saturn.

If planning to fence in the yard, set the posts while the Moon is waning after the Full Moon in the fixed signs of Taurus or Leo.

For selling your home (your primary residence) find a day when your solar sign is well aspected by Jupiter to list it on the market. When purchasing a home as your primary residence, initiate the papers when the Moon is new or in the first quarter and in the sign of Taurus or Leo.

Moving into your new home? Try to schedule the moving date when your solar sign is receiving a conjunction, sextile or trine from the Moon and when the Moon is not making any aspect to Mars.

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